Mark Bonder

Hear Mark's latest song parody,
the Bin Laden Boat Song!

Warning! The info here is seriously outdated! Gotta update this site soon. The age is correct. All else could use some revision. Carry on . .


Mark has been playing piano for just over 40 years now. Starting at the tender age of 4 years old, he's played continuously since then, finally evolving into the professional musician he is today.

Mark grew up playing the popular music of the time (i.e. Billy Joel and Elton John). After getting into the progressive rock scene (ie. Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, King Crimson, and Genesis) in late high school and early college, he took up studying Jazz and Classical music while working on his first bachelors degree

He has since earned his second bachelors degree, this time in Music, and has gone on to get his Masters in Jazz Performance and Composition at Queens College.

Nowadays, Mark fills his time with regular practice, composition, meditative pursuits, and writing arrangements for his 14-piece Steely Dan tribute band, Stealin' Dan. He also works part time at the Levels Youth Center in Great Neck (full circle now), and occasionally musically directs shows on the high school level. He has most recently composed the main opening theme for the American Qigong Association's "Summit 2000" in Washington DC, as well as composing music for the videos which were made from that event. He can't wait to see what's next! ;)

Mark at a Stealin' Dan gig

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