When I first created this website, naturally I had to decide on a domain name that would best represent me, myself, and all that happens in my little corner of life. Now the markbonder part, that was pretty easy, really. Didn't take much creativity there, that's for sure! But what about the second part? The part after the dot? At the time, there were three choices.
Dot com? -- Could I ever consider myself a dot-com? Hehe, not hardly! First off, it sounds way too commercial, and that's not me. And besides, it just didn't seem to fit.
Dot net? -- Once again, this just didn't seem to fit. It had no ring to it whatsoever, and sounded rather sterile. Oh well, no dot net for me ;)
What about Dot org?
Ooh, dot-org.. it has a neat sound to it. Nice and round. Hmm, I like it! Besides, O-R-G is the start of so many great words. . I just couldn't resist! It does confuse people sometimes, though Sometimes they'll ask me if I'm a non-profit organization. I tell them it sure seems like it sometimes!
Here are some things that .org stands for for me. They've got links, so go ahead and click to your heart's delight :)